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Hello to you all, and welcome to our new website -

Although the name has changed slightly, all contacts with myself remain the same.

Details are as below -

Hilmar Bosch,
P.O. Box 650,

South Africa
Cell: +27 (0) 79 557 0390


Customs Client
Import/Export   #20367406


So, what has changed and why the new site??

Well, I guess, in any business, you just has to keep making improvements.   After all, the Tanganyika Trading site was archaic to say the least. And, why have two sites running when one site will do? Oh yes, please note that we are now with 
In  the Tanganyika Trading site, I tried concentrating on single, individual stones, each stone having two photos showing front and back of the stone - and parcels which only had one photo. This helped the cutter (that's you!) to get a better idea of what the stone looked like. We had a good response to this method and sales went up. But, would you not be not be happier to see more photos of the stone, rather than just one or two? After all,  what does the stone look like from the side, what is its depth,  are there any problems with it not shown in a single photo? What about the colour? How exact is it to the actual stone? Well on this point, I would like to mention that, although we are in the digital age, cameras are NOT that good in portraying the exact colour. Especially with dichroic stones, and even worse with colour-change stones where it is impossible to obtain the correct colour in daylight. So, please READ our description of the colour.  Also, what looks great on my computer may NOT look as great on yours! Taking photos of every single stone does help – taking a single photo of 20 to 40 stones will show tremendous differences in the colour. So, no more photos of collective groups of stones, each stone will be offered  individually, with large photos, often portraying the stone from  front, back, and side views. We will also look at incorporating a method to measure the stone - but, that is in the future.

Once this new site is up and running to my satisfaction, it will be taken back by Logan and run from the USA. Logan has been a great asset to the business and I would not like to lose him.

With kind regards to all of you,