Emerald - vanadium coloured - 7.28cts - Ref. EM/1

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Emerald - vanadium coloured - 7.28cts - Ref. EM/1
Nigerian in origin, and, a very interesting stone indeed, this must be one of the best vanadium-coloured Emeralds we have had during the past ten years!
The stone shows a strong blue-green color down the 'A' axes whilst the 'C' axis is a strong bright grass green. This is a unique stone.

The dimensions are as follows - width 11.00 mm x length 10.00 mm x depth 7.50 mm. Best suited for a cushion-cut, the Emerald weighs 7.28 cts and is graded AA and shows two small fissures near the base of the stone and a few smaller planes of 'bubbles'. Some small black 'needles'  run through the base of the stone. This piece will result in a very high return weight wise, and, a small polished 'face' is there for your inspection
The stone is from a totally new location in Nigeria

Priced at just $120.00 per carat, a total of $874.00
Now beat that for value!