Fossil Plant, unknown Legume Middle Eocene, Mahenga, Tanzania Ref. MHG-14

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Fossil Plant, unknown Legume  Middle Eocene, Mahenga, Tanzania
Ref. MHG-14

These fossils  were found at Mahenga, in the Singida region of Tanzania and come from an old collection I purchased some 25 years ago. The deposits were first reported in the early 1930's by geologists prospecting for diamonds, but, possibly were already known about by a German exploration group who were in the area in the early 1900's.

The Mahenga site was a crater lake and dates to the Middle Eocene, where a number of the earliest  known Cichlid fish fossils were uncovered. A small number of unknown plant fossils were also found, this is an Acacia bifoliolate Legume leaf. None of these fossils are now allowed out of Tanzania. 

The bifolialate leaf is very well preserved. Apart from been treated with Paraloid B72, no further work has been done on them.
Please note that I am not a qualified palaeontologist, but have a great interest in fossils.
Rock Dimensions: 80mm x 70mm
Fossil Dimensions: 36mm x 34mm
Weight: 80 grams
Price: $200.00