Garnets - colour-change - Kenya. Total weight 22.25 cts. Ref. KY/2

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Garnets - colour-change - Kenya. Total weight 22.25 cts. Ref. KY/2
A  parcel of unusual color-change Garnets from Kenya. A fairly dark green colour in daylight, they change to a purple-pink colour in incandescent light.
Not the prettiest stones, they appear quite dark in natural light, but, very interesting and unusual would be the best way to describe the parcel. 
Take note: the camera picks up the colour shown under incandescent light.
These stones are all graded AA - AA+ in clarity. 

The parcel consists of 5 stones, with a combined weight of 22.25 cts and is priced at $85.00 for the parcel.
That is a cost of just $4.00 per ct!
Now beat that for value!!