Iolite - Total weight 14.91 cts Ref. ILP/1

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Iolite - Total weight 14.91 cts Ref. ILP/1
A very attractive parcel of strong purple-blue stones, all from India.
These stones are all graded AAA in clarity .
The parcel consists of 3 stones, with a combined weight of 14.91 cts and is priced at $75.00 for the parcel.  That is a cost of just $5.00 per ct!
Iolite shows a very strong dichroism, that is, the stone shows two distinct colors, a strong purple-blue and a light grey-blue. The stone is sometimes called 'Water-Sapphire', however, it is NOT a Sapphire
Note: Each 'square' on the grid measures 10mm x 10mm

Now beat that for value!!