Sapphire - Umba Tanzania. Total weight 19.23 cts. Ref. UM/4

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Sapphire - Umba Tanzania. Total weight 19.23 cts. Ref. UM/4
These are typical Umba Sapphires from Tanzania. These stones are unique in the range of colours shown, usually in the blue to purple range sometimes pink and green. The Sapphires not only show a strong dichroism - that is, they show two distinct colours - many, but not all, of the Umba Sapphires also show a strong to medium 'colour-change' depending whether they are observed in daylight or incandescent light. It is this phenomena which makes they extremely difficult to photograph as usually the camera picks up the color-change shown in incandescent light. 
These stones are all graded AA+ in clarity.
The parcel consists of 3 stones, with a combined weight of 19.23 cts and is priced at $827.00 for the parcel.
That is a cost of just $43.00 per ct!
Now beat that for value!!