Tourmaline - total weight 36.66 cts - Ref. MZ/53

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Tourmaline - total weight 36.66 cts - Ref. MZ/52
A very attractive parcel of light green-blue colors, directly from a new deposit in Nigeria. These colors are very similar to some of the Afghanistan stones.
These stones are all graded AA+ to AAA in clarity, the majority being AAA, and will cut clean to very slightly included stones. These stones are 'mine-run' no selection for size, shape, quality have been made. This is a very interesting new deposit and these stones will cut some stunning pieces
The parcel consists of 5 stones, with a combined weight of 36.66 cts and is priced at $420.00 for the parcel.
That is a cost of just $12.00 per ct!
Now beat that for value!!